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My Hair Was Marinating


” Hi Eileen,

Thanks for your application. Your merchandise looks fantastic and we’d love to have you at the market on september 2. We have limited space available at Artists & Fleas and spots are granted on a first-to-pay basis. PLEASE NOTE: If the date has sold out before you make your payment, you will be given a credit good for three months from the original selling date…”

Instant cheese fest


BUT WAIT! I didn’t think I’d actually get in…

Good grief. “Spots are granted on a first-to-pay basis.” Hmm. August is my money sucking month and THIS detail makes me frown. My heart wants to vend in September, but my brain tells me to use the 3 month credit and wait until all the wedding celebrations are over. I can vend in October!  Regardless, I’m excited to vend at this spot. I didn’t think I was hip enough for a Williamsburg flea. Cool.