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Tintsy Tiny


These little fishing flies were destined to catch and adorn some little mermaid’s ear. I can’t wait to turn them into earrings!

Spring Fever (winky squares)

Spring Fever (winky squares)


♥ dimensions: 1in x 1in

♥ materials: mod podge, wooden squares

♥ post: stainless steel

Craftier Than A Squirrel ♥

Craftier Than A Squirrel ♥

<< Friends, I have a little Esty! Click the link to check it out. Muchos gracias!!!>>

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Purple Button Posts

Purple Button Posts

♥ dimensions: 1.3in x 1.3in
♥ materials: Wooden buttons
♥ posts: Stainless steel

DIY Lightbox

DIY Lightbox

Instagram is surprisingly good for taking pictures of jewelry. HOWEVER, it’s NOT.GOOD.ENOUGH. I wasn’t really diggin’ how grainy my enlarged Instagrams were looking on Etsy. So…I bought myself a sexy little Canon…a point and shoot. My photographs turned out sharp, but my lighting was still a mess. It was just too dark! I did a little research and decided that a lightbox was the way to go. Perfect lighting day or night. Below is the link I used…I used doubled up wax paper instead of fabric. GREAT SUCCESS *Borat voice*

Glitter Squares

Glitter Squares

Colors inspired by the horror genre. Like the genre, these are my favorite!

♥ dimensions: 1in x 1in
♥ materials: wooden square, decoupage, sparkles
♥ post: Gold plated

All Wound Up

Clock Plate Posts



These guys are pretty special! They’re made from vintage watch plates. Look at all those layered gears and tintsy tiny details…

♥ dimensions: 1in x 1in
♥ materials: clock plate
♥ post: Stainless steel